Suntrup Hyundai South - Customer Care Review from East Saint Louis, Illinois

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I have had so many problems with

Suntrup Hyundai. Every time u come in for work it is something different than what you were told when you bought the car.

They seem to say anything to sell a car but the service department knows nothing about it. Lack of communication and then they are rude and make you feel like you are being ridiculous because you are standing up for what you were told when you purchased the car.

I can't wait to get rid of this car so I don't have to deal with them. I will never buy a suntrup vehicle and I will tell everyone I know to stay clear of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrup Hyundai South Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Suntrup Hyundai South - Hyundai Car Trade-in Review from Saint Louis, Missouri

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Customer service

David Tranchilla at Suntrup Hyundai is rude, disrespectful, and wasted our time. We wanted to negotiate the price of a demo since it had stains in the back and scratches on the door, plus it is a car that has miles and left the lot.

He gave an initial price of only $900 under a new car. We gave a counteroffer with room to negotiate that included adjustment for mileage and wear and tear (including scratches and stains in the car). After hearing we had pre approved financing, he came back with a price $100 above the initial offer. Had printed out an email of me saying I thought the first price sounded good (an email I wrote before we had met or saw the car) and circled the whole thing in thick, black marker.

He had no interest in selling us a car. It was also like pulling teeth to get the new car price because he knew the demo wasn't a very good deal. And he seemed annoyed that we had a lot of questions about the car including how long it had been on the lot (almost a year).

We asked to see a vehicle history report and he didn't want to produce that either. I felt very disrespected and insulted by David who obviously did not want to work with us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrup Hyundai South Hyundai Car Trade-in.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Festus, Missouri, United States #1190707

WAH WAH My as, I dont know these people but I have had several experiences with Suntrup sales people and they are the rudest, most arrogant in the industry here in STL...

Saratoga, California, United States #1188861

Wah wah. Didn't get what you want, so everybody is "rude" and "disrespectful".

Suntrup Hyundai South - Typical shady dealership


I have been waiting a long time to write this review and now it's finally time.

Suntrup Hyundai is your typical dealership. The salesman I had was unprofessional and did not listen to me when I told him what I wanted. This was over 2 years ago but I remember it well. I remember telling him EXACTLY what I wanted and what did he do? He brought back a piece of paper the he claimed was the details to the Veloster I wanted. What he was trying to do was to get me to sign on a car I didn't want so they could get rid of it. It was a completely different color than what I told him I wanted. I was fed so much BS during that sale. I was told the price I was expecting to pay was unreasonable, which IS A LIE BECAUSE I LOOKED IT UP ON THIS MAGICAL THING CALLED THE INTERNET. I did a lot of pricing on velosters and what people were paying for them before going into that dealership and all he did was feed me lies. He tried telling me I was asking for less than the car was worth and I tried to walk out 3 times and each time he said, "well let me see what i can do".

He finally located a silver one which is what I wanted but the car had extra accessories installed on it like trunk floor matts and things of that sort that I didn't want and he was having no part in trying to get this removed. I ended up just buying the car with that stuff on it when I didn't need/want it.

The car was located in Tennessee and I live in Missouri. Guess how they got it to Missouri? Someone drove my brand new car from Tennessee to Missouri instead of them putting it on a truck. Needless to say my car now had a few hundred miles on it with some dude who was probably a leadfoot. You know how I can assume this? In the stereo settings someone had turned the bass level all the way up to 8 which is as high as it can go. You think velosters come from the factory like that? I don't think so. This means the driver clearly had no respect for this new vehicle that wasn't his.

Before I got the car it took the salesman forever to finally get me the VIN number. He called me at 10 PM at night of all times from what sounded like a bar to try and tell me the VIN number over the phone and I could not hear anything he was saying because of the background noise from where he was at. I needed this VIN number for insurance purposes and it was like pulling teeth trying to get it from him. My dad is 55 years old, was with me at the time of the sale and told me this guy was the worst car salesman he's ever seen. I don't think I've ever seen him so mad at a salesman before.

Now on to the service department. It can't all be bad can it? Wrong. I recently had to get my car repaired for an issue I caused when doing an aftermarket install. The service advisor, Matt, was very nice but that's about all the good I can say about this place.

When I first dropped off my car I was told that I would receive a call the next day with some sort of update. I did not receive that call. I called that evening and I even waited until 10 mins before they closed and was told I would receive an update the next day. I did not receive that call either. They didn't call and update me fore an entire week. I wrote them a negative review on Google and they called me to tell me it was unfair. I find it funny that they can't call me and update me on the car but they can call me to tell me my review is unfair. Get your priorities straight. I wasn't looking for a phone call that said my car was fixed. I just wanted to hear SOMETHING. The other thing I can't understand is that even after me stating in my review that I was unhappy with the lack of communication, it did not improve.

My car was at that dealership for a little over 1 month. 1 MONTH. When I first dropped off my car I was told "don't worry it's covered" and when I was given a loaner car I was told "it's covered". Guess what? Neither were covered. I ended up being charged for the rental and charged for the repairs. I was told that I needed to pay them $1900 for parts and that "that would be all they would need from me." No. That was not all they needed from me. When they fixed the car they asked for ANOTHER 2 GRAND. How is that all you need from me if its going to be another 2 GRAND?

Yes it was me who caused the problem and yes it is me who had to pay the price for it, but don't go telling your customers lies. Don't tell me it's covered when it isn't. Don't REPEATEDLY tell your customers you are going to call them and update them when you aren't. Don't tell them the large sum of money they just lost is all you will need from them if you are just going to ask for more later.

Since I know Suntrup Hyundai is going to read this and get all worked up again, read this.


I will NEVER return to this dealership again and I will never recommend anyone go there.

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